Nákupné správanie mladých spotrebiteľov: Ako často nakupujú? (prípadová štúdia z Bratislavy)

František Križan, Peter Barlík, Kristína Bilková


Besides the traditional issues of geographical research, geographers attention is also focused on topics that stand at the interface of several disciplines among which we can include the retail geography and consumption. In retail are reflected globalization trends which responds to the consumers. Shopping behavior of consumers is a very dynamic process to which retailers must respond to be profitable. The specific group of consumers, are young people (under 25 years), as they adopt new trends very quickly and easily, and are often in focus not only of geographers, but also economists, sociologists and marketers. In this paper we analyzed the frequency of shopping of young consumers in comparison with all consumers in the city of Bratislava. The results show the similarities and differences in the frequency of shopping of these two groups of consumers.

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