Lze překonat nejkritičtější místo ve výuce zeměpisu 6. ročníku českých ZŠ?

Václav Stacke, Václav Duffek, Markéta Pluháčková, Klára Vočadlová, Pavel Mentlík


This paper is focused on critical spots in the 6th grade geography education in Czech schools. We use semi-structured interviews and focus groups with teachers to identify critical spots and its causes. The most critical spots are: Geographic coordinates, Maps, Time zones, Atmospheric circulation, Tectonic plates and its motion). We designed educational modules to overcome identified causes of criticality (missing curriculum continuity, excessive requirements on pupil’s imagination, complexity of the topic, insufficient motivation and transition from pupil’s knowledge to competence). Modules were tested by teachers during lessons and its success with overcoming of the critical spots was evaluated using action research method. Our results show that all designed modules are suitable for overcoming causes of particular critical spots.

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