Geografia, geografické vzdelávanie a kritické myslenie

Peter Likavský, Michaela Poljaková, Martin Koch


Critical thinking is one of the key phenomena mainly in connection with political, social and economical events in the world and with opinions and attitudes of people to them. Importance of this element is partially reflected in the key educational documents in Slovakia but there are relatively few experimental studies connected with critical thinking and also few examples and guidances how to develop the abilities of students to think critically. Our article follows the previous published in the number 1 of the year 2018. In the theoretical part evaluates the results of some, mainly foreign studies oriented on development of abilities of critical thinking in the frames of geographical education. The experimental part is devoted to evaluation of some experimental studies: (1) how pupils evaluate themselves as persons thinking critically, (2) how students perceive concept quality of live and how are able to change their attitude to it. Moreover, there are presented some proposals of using selected medial stories in order to develop critical thinking skills.

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