Aká je reálna politická mapa Afriky?

Katarína Porubská, Daniel Gurňák


The article is devoted to the image of a real political map of Africa, the modelling of which is most strongly associated with the phenomenon of state collapse, the emergence of separatist state units and territories beyond the long-term control of central governments. It points to various interpretations of the concept of a collapsing state, to the causes and consequences of the phenomenon, to the emergence of collapsing states, and to the causes of the disintegration of states in the African environment in the context of their colonial and postcolonial development.
Analysis of the development of a real political map of Africa since the end of colonialism focuses on the key characteristics and events of individual periods that have clearly shaped the political distribution of the African continent. The present current real political map of Africa reflects several processes characteristic of Africa for the last decades - from the internal influences of the well-known ethnic-religious conflicts, with the radical mobilization of fundamentalist Islamic movements to the external influences of globalization and non-state actors (international corporations) natural resources contribute to maintaining chaos and instability in many African countries.

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